Actuarial Consulting

Our actuarial services are personal and tailored to your needs, integrated into your environment, dynamic and reliable, understandable and accurate:

  • Analyze risks, model mathematically and present the results in understandable language.
  • Examine relationships, map them to processes and connect knowledge from various sources within the organization.
  • Oversee these areas comprehensively and cohesively—from the foundational level of claims details and actuarial practice to your business's big picture and long-range goals—as your responsible actuary.

The specifications of our work will be designed to best meet your needs in manner, scope and schedule.

Let's discuss how our services would benefit your company. We look forward to hearing from you.

Even Meier
Founder and Managing Director
Actuary SAA/GAA

Azenes is growing! Since 1 May 2018 we are supporting our clients with the experience of René Dahms (cf. "About us"). And as of 1 August 2018 we will be offering new services in the area of "Risk and Regulation". Details will follow on 1 August 2018.

Even Meier

Markus Meier

After receiving a primary school teaching diploma and teaching at the primary school level, Even studied Mathematics, Computer Science and Actuarial Science at the University of Zurich, and earned a Masters degree in 2000. Subsequently, they completed in-service training to become a fully qualified actuary with special expertise in Financial Mathematics at the German Actuarial Academy. Since 2003, They've been a member of the Swiss Association of Actuaries SAA (SAV) and the German Actuarial Association GAA (DAV); since 2013 examiner for the SAV.

Even's experience includes:

  • Zurich Financial Services, Zurich: Group Actuarial, general insurance and reinsurance
  • Gerling Global Re, Zug and Cologne: Actuarial modeling, commutation pricing and technical provisions
  • KPMG, Zurich and Europe: Consulting for and audit of national and international insurance and reinsurance companies
  • KPMG, Zurich: Trustee of the Pension Fund
  • Intuitive Collaboration, Zurich: Actuarial consulting, risk modeling, software development.

Even is the responsible actuary for several Swiss insurance companies and has an active practice as an actuary working on a consultancy basis.

Even Meier at LinkedIn, at Xing

René Dahms

René Dahms

Graduate studies in Mathematics at University of Potsdam and ETH Zürich, Doctorate in Mathematics at TU Berlin. Actuary SAV and DAV since 2005. Lecturer for stochastic loss reserving models at ETH Zurich.

Professional experience:

  • Winterthur Insurance: Group Actuarial Services, responsible for UK subsidiary and special risks
  • Basler Insurance: Development and Implementation of a modern loss reserving process, covering data analysis, reserving, software development and reporting
  • National Suisse: responsible for the reserving and risk modelling of the non-life business of the national subsidiaries
  • Finma: Validation and Approval of internal SST-models, assessment of the yearly SST reports and development of standard models (e.g. UVG)
  • Deloitte Switzerland: Assisting (Re-) insurance companies with their quantitative and qualitative risk management, in particular with respect to communication with Finma

René Dahms has experience as responsible actuary and is involved in the youth training program of the TTC Basel.

René Dahms at LinkedIn

Pascal Schmid

Pascal Schmid

After Matura, studying Physics and Mathematics at the University of Zurich. Studies of Philosophy at the University of Lucerne (BA, 2014). Master's degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Basel (2016) and soon-to-be Actuary SAA. Between 2012 and 2015 Supply Teaching of Mathematics and Physics at Secondary Schools.

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Lena Schütte

Markus Meier

Graduated in 2013 at the University of Zurich with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Graduated in 2017 with a Master in Actuarial Science at the University of Basel, which counts towards the qualification «Actuary SAA». Professional experience includes an internship at Basler Versicherungen (non-life) and a position as junior pricing actuary (individual life) at Swiss Life.

Lena Schütte at LinkedIn, at Xing

The focus of our consultancy is actuarial issues, with both quantitative and qualitative aspects considered.

Services offered by Azenes include:

  • General insurance/non-life, accident and health insurance and reinsurance (VVG, KVG, UVG)
  • Role as responsible actuary, approved by Finma for general insurance/non-life, accident and health insurance and reinsurance as well as captive insurance
  • Regulatory work including those for Finma and BAG (for example: creating business plans)
  • Technical provisions and reserve reviews
  • Technical accounting for IFRS and U.S. GAAP, Swiss GAAP FER, statutory accounting
  • Capital Modeling: Swiss Solvency Test (SST) and Solvency II
  • Reinsurance modeling
  • Processes and internal control systems
  • Member of board of directors/trustee for insurance companies and pension funds

If you would like references, we would offer you contact information and an introduction to one of our clients.

Azenes is basing it's software related cooperations on two providers:

In close alignment with your existing internal and external functions, we offer assistance in the field of quantitative analysis of your insurance portfolio, as well as of your processes and internal control systems.

  • Many years of experience as an auditor at KPMG, BDO and Ferax and our actuarial expertise provide a useful and effective supplement to your internal audits.
  • Astute questions for the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee—and careful listening to their replies—afford a clear analysis of the current situation and the possible next steps: How large are the individual risks in your company? What is the status of your internal control system? Where might we identify a blind spot in your very precise internal model? Do you have excessive or overly complex controls?
  • Communication with the auditor and the regulator ensures that the finished work is productive, accurate, effective.

Please contact us to learn how Governance can benefit your company instead of being burdensome.

Reliability is key to ensuring consistent, exceptional performance:

  • Openness: During an engagement we speak openly and transparently with you.
  • Confidentiality: We never speak to others about our work with you. (We will gladly supply references on request after consultation with the clients who we believe will be most appropriate for you.)
  • Expertise: Our continuous training and the broad network we have established over the years mean that our contribution is quite thorough and current with all best practices, regulations and knowledge in our field.
  • Deputy: We offer clients a complimentary deputy to ensure consistent service, free of charge.
  • Four-eyes principle: In consultation with the client, we offer free quality assurance. Based on anonymised data we ensure such quality checks on a regular basis, for example, complicated Excel sheets are checked by niceadvice.
  • Data: Azenes’s servers are located in one of the most secure data centers in Switzerland (in Glattbrugg near Zurich).
  • Liability: Azenes is insured for financial loss liability.

Interested in knowing more? We can review these topics with you personally.

For further technical fields or larger projects, we have long-term partnerships with experts in:

We would be pleased to connect you with a key person at any of these companies, as needed.

Azenes is seeking cooperation in the areas of life insurance, modeling as well as Risk Management for the development and implementation of business-ideas.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Szymon Chlopek, 2014–2017 (Quotation 2017): «In my time at Azenes, I was able to deepen and broaden my existing actuarial know-how. Thanks to the family atmosphere that prevails here, the paths among colleagues and to the clients are short, uncomplicated and very efficient. I am pleased to have been part of Azenes.»

Marcell Zambo, 2013–2015 (Quotation 2017): «At Azenes, I was able to gain valuable experience for my current work as a consultant and for my whole life: in this positive environment I learned how to be effective, result-oriented and following ethical principles at work.»

Tatevik Hakobyan, 2012–2013 (Quotation 2017): «​Azenes is one-of-a-kind firm. Here I took my first steps towards becoming a professional manager. The company helped me gain valuable skills in client interaction, actuarial consulting, project management and much more. I relied on the experience and knowledge gained at Azenes to build a career in gaming industry (became the chief data officer at a company with over 1,500 employees) and later established my own startup.»

Even Meier reports in the December 2017 issue of the magazine "Information" of the RVK on Finma's working group on "New assessment of the needs and evaluation of ageing provisions".

As of financial year 2013 the so called UVG-Risikostatistiken (Hausstatistik HAST and Gemeinschaftsstatistik GEST) are verified by Azenes in cooperation with Polynomics following the concept published earlier under the label Solvero.

Documentation of the training for the KVG-solvency test:

Our cooperative relationship between Azenes and RVK is described in the brochure Information 4/2011 on page twenty-six.

Azenes is engaged in education such as:

  • Unicef is supporting children and their education.
  • Wikipedia allowing unknown sharing of and access to information.